Obsessions: Vintage Medical Cabinets

Sunday, July 24, 2011

If I had no limit to the amount of money I could spend on my obsessions, I would probably have an antique medical cabinet (or two) in my home. I love the look of them, a substantial piece of furniture that is austere yet beautiful, with a certain curiousness about it. What I like even more, than the cabinet itself, is the way the  item's unexpectedness evokes conversation.  Add a stuffed squirrel and there is no end to the conversations people will have about your house...haha! Ok, so maybe you will leave out the stuffed squirrel...but either way these cabinets are a great way to display your treasures and curiosities.

No room for large cabinets? Here are a couple smaller options.

Don't like the idea that your vintage cabinet may have housed some icky specimens? Here is a new cabinet with a vintage feel.


  1. The last cabinet is the most elegant one. Thanks for sharing! Love the glassy look too!


  2. I agree that these are great! I have an old wooden china cabinet my friend got out her grandma's ancient basement that was super creepy covered with stains and cobwebs.......I refurbished it and it looks great now but I always wonder what kind of odd things it might have contained......haha

  3. These are FABULOUS! I love them all!

  4. Ooh I love that vintage medicine cabinet!



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